Image Selection Gallery - Photo gallery with rating and selection functionality


Many photographers want to present images originated from shootings to their models or clients, so that they can choose the best photos from the respective shooting. Especially when there are many photos to choose from it is not easy to pick out the best images.

In order to simplify this selection process I have developed the Image Selection Gallery which I provide here free of charge for other photographers who have the same problem and are looking for a simple solution for their models and clients. The selection process is simplified by assigning stars and color marks to the individual photos. Subsequently the images can be filtered according to these criteria and so the selection is constantly reduced until the best images are chosen (like the workflow in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom). The ratings and color marks are stored in the database. Therefore the selection can be interrupted at any time and continued later. As soon as the model or customer is ready with selection and rating the result will be sent to the photographer by email. Then the photographer can start further processing like image editing or printing the selected photos. In order to make the operation for the client/model as convenient as possible the gallery can be operated for the most part by the keyboard, consequently offering a simple and fast inspection, rating and selection.

The Image Selection Gallery offers the possibility to set up as many galleries and users as you like. Access to the galleries is only possible after log on by authorized users.

In order to operate the Image Selection Gallery a web server or web space with PHP (at least version 5) and MySQL support is required. The gallery runs totally independent from an already existing website.


The Image Selection Gallery offers the following features:

  • Creation of unlimited number of galleries (each with unlimited number of images) and user accounts. The number is only limited by the available web space.
  • A user can be assigned any number of galleries.
  • One gallery can be assigned to any number of users.
  • Galleries can be organized hierarchically in a directory structure. This is particularly useful if a lot of galleries will be available.
  • Invitations can be used to allow a larger user group to create their own user accounts for accessing one or more galleries. This is very interesting if images from a shooting have to be accessible to many person for rating/selection.
  • User accounts and invitations can be provided with an expiration date.
  • Galleries can be marked as public. Public galleries are accessible by everyone without login.
  • Registered users can assign stars, color marks und comments to each image. If required, these possibilities can be deactivated globally and for individual users at the backend.
  • The images can also be viewed in an automatic slideshow.
  • If desired, users are also allowed to download photos. This may be individually specified globally, for each gallery and for each user.
  • The results of the selection/rating process can be downloaded as CSV file by the photographer. Furthermore this file can be attached to the result email. CSV files can then be opened and further processed in Excel for example.
  • Is is also possible to download an import file for Lightroom. These file can then be imported in Lightroom as smart collection. Thus the user selected photos are immediately available in Lightroom for further processing.
  • Themes offer the possibility to easily change the look of frontend and backend. Own themes can be added.
  • The whole application is localized with English and German languages ​​included. Other languages​​/regions can be added easily.
  • Client for Android.

Screenshots of the Image Selection Gallery

The appearance of the gallery can easily be customized to own needs and preferences. Colors, fonts, layout, banner and links can be changed/replaced for example. Following there are three screenshots from the gallery which shows how I use it. The first screenshot shows the thumbnails overview with the filter possibilities:

Thumbnails overview with the filter possibilities

The second screenshot presents the single image view with the possibility to assign stars, color marks and remarks to the photo:

Single image view

At the compare view several selected images can be compared directly in an enlarged view and then successively deselected until one image remains.

Compare view Additional screenshots

Test account

You can test the image gallery in action. For this I have set up a test account. The user name is test and the password ist kennwort (German for password :))

Download of the Image Selection Gallery

Image Selection Gallery V1.6.0 from 22 January 2015 (Downloads up to now: 2414)

Change log and license terms

Android Client

A client for Android is also available:

Android app on Google Play

If you don't dare to install the software on you web server as well as doing customizations I can do this for you. Write me and I will make you an offer.

Comments - improvement suggestions - References

I am very interested in feedback, comments and improvement suggestions. Moreover I want to know who productively uses this software on his/her own website. Perhaps I will set up a page with references (name of the photographer, link to the website and maybe a screenshot). If you use this software and want to be listed at this reference page then please write me. Of course you can also leave a message if you have comments or improvement suggestions. I am happy about every feedback.