License terms for the Image Selection Gallery


The Image Selection Gallery uses several external libraries, which are provided for usage by other people/organisations. For these components the associated license conditions are applicable. In detail these are:

  • jQuery (MIT license), within the directory jQuery
  • jQuery Image Gallery (MIT license), within the directory jQuery
  • jQuery File Upload Plugin (MIT license), within the directory upload
  • wymeditor (MIT License), within the directory wymeditor

For all other software components the following conditions are valid.


The software may be used on any computer free of charge and without restrictions.


For one installation any adaptions and upgrades can be done.


The software can be distributed if the following conditions are met:

  • The software is distributed in the same (unchanged) form like it can be downloaded from the developer page. No files may be added, changed or deleted.
  • The distribution must be free of charge.

If software changes were made, a public distribution would not be allowed.


The software is provided as is. An execution in all application areas and situations without errors is not guaranteed. There is no liability for any resulting damages for example data loss.