Affiliate partner programm for the Stock Photo Manager


There also exists an affiliate partner program for the Stock Photo Manager for all interested persons/companies. This will offer the possibility to you to generate revenues (by using special links) if interested persons click this link and purchase a license of the program within the next 90 days. In this case 10% of the whole revenue will be creditted to your account. The credit can be payed out at least once a year (either by bank transfer of via PayPal). You can use your personal affiliate link at own web pages (for example a blog) or in own articles (for example in forums or social networks).


If you want to take this opportunity, then please register at the affiliate registration page, in order to create a partner account. This also creates your personal affiliate link which you can and should use afterwards to link to the page of the Stock Photo Manager.


Registered partner can log in at the login page to their account. In this area you can see how often you link has been clicked and moreover an overview about generated revenues from license sales. Furthermore you can cause the credit payout there.