Conditions for the affiliate partner program

If you want to be registered as partner for the affiliate partner program for the Stock Photo Manager you have to accept the following conditions:

The registration requires that the affiliate partner provides personal data like the name and the address. This data is exclusively used for the affiliate partner program. The partner doesn't get advertisements and the data isn't handed over to other persons, companies or websites.

The registration is not successfully completed until the confirmation link, which is sent by an email, is clicked. This confirmation mail is sent to the email address which is provided with the registration data.

After the successful registration the access to the affiliate partner account is possible. The current credit value and the booking history is visible there. Moreover it is possible to prompt a credit payout here.

The account also provides a personalized link which refers to the web page of the Stock Photo Manager. The affiliate partner can use and embed this link at own web pages (for example a blog) and further websites like forums or social networks.

Whenever a prospective customer clicks such a provided link and consequently reaches the web page of the Stock Photo Manager it will be registered that this person has been leaded there by the partner link. This is stored in form of a cookie in the web browser of the visitor. This cookie remains there for 90 days (in the case that the visitor doesn't remove the cookie manually). But this cookie will only be stored if this person hasn't visited the web page of the Stock Photo Manager in the last 90 days before, for example because the person reached the page by using a search engine or by clicking another affiliate link! Crucial is always the first clicked link and this one remains "active" for 90 days.

If a prospective customer acquires a license of the Stock Photo Manager within 90 days after the first click at an affiliate link, the affiliate partner will get a credit of 10% of the revenues. This happens as soon as the customer pays the license. The affiliate partner is notified by email in this case.

As soon as the credit reaches 50 € caused by affiliate sales the partner can request a payout of the credit. This can be done via bank transfer (in the EU) or via PayPal. If the credit doesn't reach 50 € within one year it will be possible to request a payout lower than 50 € once in a calendar year.

If a registered affiliate partner acquires a license of the Stock Photo Manager his own affiliate credit will not be increased.